Working with small businesses on web sites and graphic design projects since 2008

I started my career interning at ad agencies in college. After graduating with a degree in Public Relations, I moved on to be the marketing director for the local bar association in Lafayette, Louisiana. As I made contacts through that job, I developed a small group of clients who I worked with on a freelance basis for several years doing graphic design. After a few years at the bar association, I spent the next five years working with my husband building a highly regarded, award-winning IT services businesses.

As he expanded his service offerings, he developed several companies which each provided me a blank slate where I got to build several web sites and continually sharpen my graphic design skills with logos, business cards, brochures, and promotional gear. As the company grew, I got to expand our marketing initiatives to include exhibiting at trade shows and strengthening our online presence with organic search rankings, paid advertising, and lead generating content marketing.


I have a passion for small business marketing.

All the while, I was also gaining invaluable experience with small business accounting, operations, and administration. I filled each of these roles for the business during my time there and in the end, it took several hundred thousand dollars and about five people to take over my responsibilities. Ultimately, marketing was my favorite part of the job, and every other role influenced and improved how I tackled our marketing initiatives. After working so closely with an entrepreneur and watching how the various marketing investments impacted our bottom line, I found a passion for small business marketing – a desire to see other entrepreneurs develop strong, competitive, and relevant brands that stand out in the marketplace and have a positive impact on the bottom line.